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Service ATC

Our mission is to be a resource and service provider to companies worldwide who wish to have a presence in Asia without incurring the unnecessary expense of maintaining their own office and staff.

Service ATC boasts a staff of multi-lingual experts with over 20 years experience in sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, product development, and in general, doing business in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. Members of the Service ATC staff can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Hebrew, Tagalog, and of course fluent English. We also have a keen understanding of Asian culture and how that relates to successfully doing business in Pacific Rim countries. In addition, Service ATC has personal and business contacts in leading edge companies around the world so that Service ATC can offer our clients the most up to date technologies available.

Our Team

Mr. Zvi Enav - Managing Director
Mr. Zvi Enav
Managing Director
Mr. Andy Hui - General Manager
Mr. Andy Hui
General Manager
The Service ATC Team
Hong Kong Headquarters
The Service ATC Team - Hong Kong Headquarters

Services Offered


Product Development including design and engineering


Product and component sourcing

Quality Control

Standards and inspections


Factory visits, coordination, and travel related logistics


Factory audits


Supervision and troubleshooting


Shipping and Freight consolidation

Alliance in China

Sales and strategies alliance in China


Market and Product Intelligence


Business representation, accounting, legal, and banking services


Warehouse facilities


Office, showroom, and conference room space


Coordination & acquisition of regulatory certifications like FCCor UL


This is how we can provide you with a One Stop Manufacturing Solution:

Trusted Factories

Finding the "right" factory can be a daunting task. Stories abound about poor quality, knock-offs of your product, child labor, contaminated materials, missed delivery dates; just to name a few that we have all heard. Some are true, and some not. Service ATC has been on the ground in Asia for many years and over that time we have built solid relationships with manufacturing facilities resulting in a "stable" of reliable factories who have never let us, or our clients, down.

Diversified Skills

Your product or product line may require factories with expertise in multiple disciplines in order to merge them into the finished product that will end up on the retail shelf or other sales channels. Service ATC works with manufacturers who act as "one stop shops" so the quality of your entire product is the responsibility of one factory. This prevents defects that factories blame on "other suppliers". If a particular expertise can only be found at another source, Service ATC will coordinate between suppliers to make sure that the procedure is totally seamless with no friction between the factories involved. Some disciplines commonly found in Asian factories are:

Many of the plastic, metal, or other parts that make up your finished products need to be made from raw materials that are formed, cut, or molded into the required shape and dimensions. Injection molds or other tools need to be built and maintained to accomplish this in mass production.
Once a mold is complete, the mold is put on to a machine that will melt plastic pellets into finished pieces of plastic (for example, your smartphone case).
Method for robotically placing electronic components directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs).
Most appliances, energy, and communication devices use some kinds of cord, wire, or cable. Factories can produce custom made, raw cables, and finished cables with a wide range of connectors. Many of these need certifications by government or consumer agencies.
Different metals and alloys like zinc, aluminum, copper, iron, titanium, are formed, cut, or joined into parts or assemblies that may be part of your finished product.
These are some of the processes used for finishing the plastic parts.
Different types of natural wood, synthetic wood, and engineered wood are used in making furniture, store fixtures or other products. Shipping of certain wood requires treatments to prevent the spread of insects or disease.
Besides these and other manufacturing disciplines, for factories to be considered as "Trusted", they must also incorporate the following:
Factories must keep up with the latest innovations in materials, parts, available components, and manufacturing processes to offer the best and most cost effective ways to make the products designed by our clients. Service ATC works with factories that can adapt to the rapidly changing technologies of today and tomorrow.
Factories must have in place robust systems to ensure the parts and labor used are adequate to ensure a product will meet its objectives and expectations of the buyer. Incoming QC, production line QC, and finally a third party independent QC inspections are necessary.


Service ATC

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